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wkending 9.2.18


We did diary entries about travelling back in time and meeting stone age people. “I found it fun.” commented Jack. We learnt about using grammatical features in our writing such as complex sentences, semi-colons and much more.



In Numeracy we have been learning about algebra. Kye stated, “I found this challenging.” Mawgan added after him, “It can be used in many different ways.” Taylan commented,” Algebra can be tricky but there is all ways a way.



We learnt about cyber-bullying in Topic. Cai said, “I found writing a poem with Kian really fun. Kian and I read ours out in assembly there was a lot of faces.” Grace spoke “The cyber-bullying poems were really enjoyable to make.”



In netball, we played a proper match. We also played cat and mouse and it is a really fun game. Now today we are doing gymnastics games. Olivia comented , “I really love doing gymnastics.” Tilly added, ”I like doing all of the balances.”   


By Taylan and Chloe