Parent Open Afternoon has changed from Monday 1st July to Monday 8th July, this is due to Active Week

wkending 28.9.18

Constantine class blog


This week we  learnt  about the relationship between fractions and decimals.

I learnt that the denominator had to go into the  whole number and then what ever that answer  comes up to you would then times it by the numerator.

For  e.g.

1/8 of 48 = 6 Because 8 into 48 is 6, times that by 1  and the answer would still be 6 because, the numerator  is 1.



This week, we converted our version of the story called Night Terrors in  Cairo.

We all went step by step in each paragraph, using all our year 5 and 6  words and all the types of punctuation for e.g. adjectives, verbs,  alliterations, metaphors, and much much more.

Night Terrors in Cairo is a really good book as it has powerful adjectives and cliff hangers. Also it is a strange, dark mystery.


Our trip

On Thursday we walked 5 miles to Morgan Porth beach. It took us 3 hours to get there but at least we played a lot of fun games there, like tag, bulldog, making sand cultures and more. On this trip, we learnt that school isn’t always boring and that you  can have fun with it to. Also we managed to achieve something from walking 5 miles to playing with people that we wouldn’t of thought that  we would of.



In P.E.,  we played football on the field next to the fire station  and we passed the ball to each other and then played a match together. 


By Sophia