St Columb Major Academy Open Days for new pupils -Monday 11th November 5 - 6p.m. and Wednesday 27th November 9:45 a.m. - 10:45 a.m. Come and have a look around the school.

wkending 16.3.18


For maths we learned about timing, adding and subtracting fractions by fraction, if you’re multiplying, you times the numerator by the numerator and do the same with the denominator. If you add or subtract you do the calculation of the numerator with the other numerator but not with the denominator. E.G. ¼ +2/4 = ¾ .


For literacy, we have been looking at a short animation called the `light house,` boxing up the text with its key information and we wrote our first paragraph but modified it to our own version. We used rhetorical questions, colons, dash for parenthesis and informal language and soon we will be doing our second paragraph.


Our Tuesday was devoted to science, we did various activities including: some consisted of making lava lamps, making dancing spaghetti and looking at how shadows and light work. In assembly Mr Moore and two of his class children stuck a pencil through a plastic bag full of water.