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Wk ending 8.9.17

Welcome to Constantine Class
Our first week in Year 6!
This was our first three days in Year 6 and in Constantine class. We have had lots of fun doing different activities from learning about how to be a better learner to how to answer the phone correctly (Jason!). We have impressed both Mr Bradley and Mrs Gard with our hard work and with our excellent behaviour! We now look forwards to our next full week...
Spaghetti towers
Our task was to design a tower made of spaghetti, marshmallows and jelly babies that could support a ball. First of all we had to design our structure. When designing our structure we needed to think about how the design might effect the strength and therefore the height of our tower. When we made it we had to buy our materials and work out the cost of our towers. Actually making the towers turned out to be quite difficult however it was extremely fun! We repeated the task the next day after evaluating our first tower. The second time, we looked at real structures and thought about the use of triangles to create strength - we tried to include this in our second attempts. On the whole the second attempts went better then the first. 
Maths Hunt
On Friday morning, we did a Maths hunt. We had to go around the school, using clues to search for different Maths problems (some were really difficult to find) which we then had to solve. The questions were pretty complex and were a real challenge. As Hanna said, "It was a little bit tricky!" Sophia added, "It was really fun to go around the school and look for the questions." Julia stated, "It was fun doing Maths around the school instead of just doing it in class."