St Columb Major Academy is now open for Keyworker and vulnerable children

Wk ending 6.10.17

This week the children have completed their own version of the Lion and the Unicorn. they have replaced specific words and phrases from the text and made it their own story. They used thesauruses well and expanded their vocabulary. this was evident in their work.
In maths they have been analysing one and two step word problems. Seeing what is important in the text and what is not. Then they look for clues to decide which operation is required. An interesting and fun game was played by the children and involved the parents that came in on Thursday, where they were generating numbers by rolling a dice and the children had to make the highest number / lowest number/ number closest to 400 and so on. 
They have learnt what things was life during the Blitz and how people tried to survive. They have seen an Anderson shelter and a Morrison shelter. They have had a go at designing what the inside of their Anderson shelter would be like.

The class of Tolcarne were very lucky to visit the Davidstow War Museum this week. This was to tie in with their autumn topic of World War II. Whilst there, Steve Perry and his team when into great detail about the build up to the war and the war itself. The children were able to experience a real air-raid shelter, see numerous war artefacts and even some World War II vehicles.  They experience what it was like in the trenches, see clothing worn by men and women in the forces and also see the large collection of weapons.

There were plenty of opportunities for the children to ask sensible questions to the leaders and they listened carefully to the answers and also children were given the opportunity to talk about what they have learnt so far this term.

The behaviour of the class was of the standard that any Sargent Major would be proud of. The day was finished off with the children being put through their paces and have a to complete a drill. Quick march!

The children had a great, educational day and hopefully one that they will remember.

The museum is open until the end of half term. If you are interested in visiting it, please check out their website at