In line with government guidance our school is closed. From Monday 30th March, our emergency childcare provision will be operating from St Columb Minor Academy. Please call 01637 873958.

Wk ending 4th May

We have been working hard on our Read Write Inc and have been practicing our letters and sounds for the phonic screening test. The children have shown such great progress over the last term and we are very positive about their successes. 
Reading is so incredibly important throughout school but these early stages build that firm foundation for reading throughout life. Reading every day at home is a huge help in creating the skills your child needs to be a successful reader.
Have a look at how Lowen has been helping her class to read this week. (so cute!!!)

We have enjoyed working outside to begin learning our Summer sports. We had two groups, one learning skills for bowling as we start our Cricket practice and one group working with tennis balls and rackets. 
We talked about the position our bodies should be in to bowl accurately and how to hold a racket in tennis. The class discussed 'keeping your eye on the ball'. We now know that this is a figure of speech and not literal! (very funny)
I have been surprised at the children's creativity in finding new ways to practice their sports. 
Do your children play different sports outside school? We would love to hear about them.
We have learnt more about keeping our bodies healthy this week by discovering the difference in hospitals in Victorian times and hospitals now. We all agreed that we would not want to be in hospital years ago. 
We have talked about how we can help to stay healthy by keeping clean and washing our hands to avoid germs. We have all been using antibacterial gel to kill off all the germs before we have our lunch.
We had a visit from the Brighter Smiles team who have been in checking the children's teeth. The Year 1 children had a fluoride paste painted onto their back teeth to make them healthy and strong. Many of the class didn't like this much, but we know that sometimes doing what is best is not always pleasant. Well done to the children below for having Brighter Smiles!