wk ending 3.11.17


We have been focusing on persuasive speeches in our Literacy. One based upon a historical event and two fictional events. We put all three speeches onto paper and picked out the key facts, and the similarities and differences. We also looked at the grammar features within the text. We have also had some of us reading out the speeches to our classmates – including wearing some fancy dress.



This week, we have been doing fractions. We have been simplifying and comparing different fractions. Yesterday, we changed the fractions so that the denominators were the same because you can’t compare them with different denominators.



We have conducted a science experiment using bottles and balloons to investigate microorganisms – in this case yeast. We wrote our experiments up using the correct format and wording. We also learnt about helpful and harmful microorganisms and how these can affect our lives.



We have started learning about tag-rugby. We played bull-dog and foxes and rabbits (when your animal is called out you have to chase your partner and take their tag).