wk ending 2nd March 2018

We have had a busy few days this week. In Maths we learnt about weight. We used scales to weigh objects and thought about why the scales go up and down like a see-saw. We estimated and compared different objects and put things in order from heaviest to lightest.
We started this week thinking about Chinese New Year. The children learnt the story behind the animals and learnt which animal their date of birth represents. We are either dragons or snakes in Reception.The children wrote about their animal. We also started to make a large dragons head so we could parade around the school and cause chaos - however, the weather put a stop to that! The children were so excited to see the snow and I do hope they have had a lovely time playing in it and making snowmen. It's not something they see very often and I look forward to hearing all their exciting tales on Monday. Thank you for your understanding and hope you all stayed safe.