In line with government guidance, from September we will be welcoming all registered pupils to our schools.

Wk ending 29th September

In Towan class this week, the children have astounded me with their knowledge and understanding of our class story.  They have thoroughly enjoyed acting out each paragraph with expression and charisma and are now in a position where they can recite the whole story as a whole class.  We have also focused on punctuation this week and how it is used within the story to maximum effect.  This has encouraged them to reflect on their own learning and understanding of phrasing and sentence structure. 
In Science, we had an extremely enjoyable Wednesday afternoon, where the children were learning how to separate different mixtures and solutions.  A little messy in places but the children had a wonderful time experimenting with different consistencies and then recording their results.
In Maths we are continuing with place value and the children are now moving on to more difficult worded questions.  They also seem to really enjoy timed mental maths quizzes and working under pressure.
We are continuing with our WW2 theme in History and as we are currently linking this to our art work, the children have almost completed their battle scenes, which are now displayed on our learning walls in the classroom.