In line with government guidance, from September we will be welcoming all registered pupils to our schools.

Wk ending 29th June

We have had the best PE lesson yet. We have been learning about jumping. We had to bend our legs, put our arms behind us and look where we are going. We needed to put our weight on our toes. 
We had to jump the river, jump into a triangle of cones and jump over a small barriers. Some of us could jump really high, please look at our pictures to see how we got on.
There is also a video clip of how we have been taught today.
We have been given a beautiful set of new cushions this week. They have been made especially for us by a lady from St. Austell. Mrs. Ford worked as a dinner lady for 32 years and wanted to continue helping children in her retirement. The cushions are very big and soft, we love them in our reading corner.
We decided to make Mrs. Ford a thank you card, complete with all our personal messages. We hope she likes it.
We had an exciting day in the paddling pool. It was great fun to have some time splashing with our friends but unfortunately we had a horrible pile of plastic rubbish in there with us. We wanted to understand how it might feel having to live and swim in water that was cluttered with bottles, lids and cartons. It was not very nice. We agreed that the sea-life must have a very difficult time moving and feeding in these conditions. 
We will share all our photos with parents on our Open Afternoon- Tuesday 17th July at 3pm.