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Wk ending 28.9.18

Congratulations to our award winners for their hard work this week, particularly in maths.
We have had an amazing week, designing our own applique tin mine landscapes to sew next week and completing an experiment looking at how different liquids freeze!
We chose a wide range of liquids including, milk, tomato soup, lemonade, custard, washing up liquid and vegetable oil to try and freeze. Not all the liquids froze,  which was really interesting to see. We will check how frozen our liquids are again next week. 
During our PE lessons this week we worked on our tag rugby and basketball skills. Including practicing successful chest passes in basketball and playing tag games in tag rugby. 
Literacy has been exciting, finishing our balanced argument on whether a tin mine should be build in our school field and editing our work with our partner. I was very impressed with how well they all worked together during this and made suggestions to their partner about their work in a lovely, kind way. Our words of the week that we have been working on in our writing were: busy, business, build, guide and guard. Next week our words of the week will be: though, thought, through, enough and although. 
Don't forget to practice your 5 times tables for next week. We will also continue to look at the formal column method for addition and subtraction next week. 
I look forward to seeing your finished applique landscape next week!