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Wk ending 27th April

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch.
This week the children have been introduced to the new story text of the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. They have had an exciting week looking at how to describe scenes and characters. They looked at different scenes of the beach and used different vocabulary to tel the reader what it was like. We tried to think of powerful words which would make the reader want to know more. We learnt a selection of new words including; dazzling, perched, scavenging and pesky. We tried to use them in our work.
We have also been busy making our own seagull kites. See the video link below which shows you have to make your own. Maybe the children could make their own colourful tropical birds to bring in and show us in Show and Tell next Friday.
We have been learning about parts of the body. We worked in teams to draw around each other on large sheets of paper. We added the details onto the outline and wrote labels around the picture. We tried to add as many parts as we could. 
We talked about what each part of the body is used for. We discussed muscles bones and organs. The class had a lot of questions about how the body works, why we need to breathe and how our food digests. They wanted to know how the eyes see things and what happens to mend broken bones. They are definitely a scientific lot!
One person who does know how much injuries hurt is Maya who trapped her thumb in the car door this week. Her friend Kieron saw her in tears shortly after and was very worried about her. He bought her some flowers to make her feel better. 
Mawgan Porth class thought that this was the kindest thing they had ever heard.
Well done Kieron for showing that you really care about your friends.