Wk ending 25th May

We have been learning about colour mixing this week and have sponge painted a beach scene using blue and yellow paint. We had to mix the primary colours to get the green sea colour. The children enjoyed sticking real sand to their picture and adding the clouds and the sun. We are going to make a display in the classroom to include all our lovely beach photographs from the trip we went on last week.
We have been following up our Real Life Heroes work with some role play using the costumes and work packs left by the fire service. The children have saved an imaginary cat from a tree, attended a car crash and entered a burning building! 
They made their own Fire engine with the chairs from the classroom and used a radio to call out their instructions to the team. It was all very exciting!
Our final Forest School trip has been a very artistic adventure with the children making patterns and pictures with the natural things around them that they have collected from the environment. They used sticks, stones, leaves and flowers to decorate a pattern. Some worked in teams or pairs. They really enjoyed seeing their final designs but were sad that they couldn't keep them.
If you would like to see the kinds of things we do in Forest School and have some ideas to use with your child please follow the link below.