In line with government guidance, from September we will be welcoming all registered pupils to our schools.

Wk ending 24th November

This week we have been learning about doubling and halving. We have used our fluency learning to show doubles and halves with different types of equipment including blocks, painting and with pictures. We know that doubling and halving are opposites. We revised our odd and even numbers.
We have been working together on our Christmas play. It is coming on well with lots of rousing songs and dances. We have enjoyed learning our words and are looking forward to sharing it with our families soon.
We have continued to work on our topic of China. This week we studied Chinese writing. It is very different from ours. We practised writing some symbols and made a moon card for the display. We also finished our modeled writing on the story of Lin Yi. It was a long piece of work but we all felt very proud of ourselves when we had finished. We used little Peaceful Pets to watch us work. We know that we have to be especially quiet or they will be frightened. We always work harder when we have a pet to help us.
We studied Materials in Science. We tested whether each item in the list would stretch, bend, twist or squash. We predicted the results. We liked breaking the lolly pop sticks- which definitely did not bend!
Next week we are looking forward to our experience of Chinese food and some work on tasting and trying new flavours. Photos to follow!