Big Pedal has started - join in the fun by scooting, skating or walking to school. Let's keep fit and healthy. 25th March - 5th April . Superhero day on Friday 5th April to celebrate our successes. Parents Open Afternoon Thursday 4th April 1.30 -3 pm. Focus on St Columb in our community. Friday 5th April School closes for Easter Holiday at 2pm. No after school club on this day.

Wk ending 23rd November 2018

This afternoon, we launched our new science topic on light. The children will be studying the importance of light in helping us to see, how light travels and the relationship between light and colour. However, in order to see what we already understood about light, the children completed three light investigations. They had the following equipment to aid them with their investigations: torches, shadow puppets, prisms and a range of different colour objects. We enjoyed investigating whether light travels in straight lines, what causes shadows to form and whether light is made up of colours. Take a look at some photos of our investigations.