wk ending 23rd March 2018

Another short week thanks to the snow but another busy one!
The children were very excited about another opportunity to play in the snow. 
We have been looking at our science experiment and observing the differences in growth with our cress seeds. The children were pleased to see their predictions were correct and the seeds with sun and water are growing well. 
In maths this week we have been learning about money. We learnt how to add two prices together to work out the cost of our shopping and how to record this as a number story. We then thought about which coins we could use to pay for this. We talked about the value of each coin. The children also thought about what happens with regards to change and how to record this as a subtraction number story. 
We learnt the Easter story this week and the children remembered the details well. They cut pictures of the story and put them in the correct order. They then retold the Easter story using the pictures to help them. 
We had a very exciting PE lesson as we danced in our Chinese Dragons that we made a few weeks back for Chinese New Year. The children took turns to dance, watch and play percussion instruments. We even walked up and down the school causing Chaos! 
Thank you to all those adults who came to watch our Gingerbread Man story performance. It was lovely to see so many of you there. We only managed to film a short part as we ran out of space on the Ipad. Good old technology!