wk ending 22.9.17

We have had lots of things going on this week (including some interesting discussions on politics - what a democracy vs a dictatorship). Here is a snippet...
We have continued - with varying success - to learn the Hakka! However we have had lots of fun doing so.
In football. we learnt about good dribbling skills. We then put these to the test with small mini-games where you had to score by dribbling the ball over the line.
We started to innovate our story 'Night terrors in Cairo' with our stories 'Night terrors in Rome.' We have had lots of exciting work with some great writing.
This week, we started learning about classifying - classifying different animals into groups of our choice. 
Harvest festival
On Thursday we celebrated the Harvest festival. All the classes had prepared something. From ours, we had Sophia and Evie W read out their poem which they had written. They did amazingly and we are all extremely proud of them!!! Well done guys.
Topic Day!!!
For Topic day. we all dressed up as characters from the Americas. Some of the outfits included: cowboys/ cowgirls, native Americans, ranch girls, cheerleaders, Elvis Presley, Bill Gates, Military people, day of the dead outfits, Brazilian footballer, hill-billies, SWAT, Statue of Liberty, Mini-mouse and Jake Paul and other You-tubers.  We started by learning about the Incas and their repeating print art work. We had a go at this ourselves using special cartridge paper. After break, we had a look at the Native American's totem poles. We learnt about why they made them and then made a section of a totem pole ourselves. We hope to make some class totem poles from our work.
By the whole class