Wk ending 1st December

Notes and News from the week
Congratulation to our certificate winners this week who were Kayla Madigan and Grace Avery.
We have many children who have joined the 200 dojo club and several children who are really close and Imogen has reached her 250 and has been able to sit next to a chosen friend all day.
This week the children have had several assessments including an independent writing task about a pebble. We were incredibly impressed with so many of the creative stories, one pebble was too hot to hold and was dropped when it then created an earthquake, another was so cold it turned the world to ice when it was picked up. They have been a joy to read and the progress many of the children have made with their handwriting, presentation, language and composition is a reflection of their hard work and effort. 
Christmas Craft afternoon
There was lovely busy festive feel to the classroom on Friday afternoon. Children and parents enjoyed making a selection of paper chain, snowflakes and decorations to hang on the tree.