In line with government guidance, from September we will be welcoming all registered pupils to our schools.

wk ending 18th May 2018

We have had an extremely busy and fun filled week!
In maths this week we have been thinking about adding and taking away. We have practised adding by holding a number in our heads and counting on. We used cars in a car park. The first group of cars parked underground and the second group parked on the top. As the children could not see the cars underneath, they had to count on rather than counting all of them together. The children worked hard later in the week to work with a partner to roll a dice, add the two together and record as a number story. They also achieved this for subtraction number stories too. They used super teamwork!
As they Royal wedding approaches this weekend, we have decorated wedding dresses, made flags and cooked some cup cakes. The children enjoyed weighing and mixing the ingredients. We then decorated these with red, white or blue icing to create our own Union Jack flag. We took our cakes and flags to the field for a celebration in the sunshine. 
Thursday was a whole school outdoor learning day, so we took the children over the road to do some outdoor maths. The children had a fantastic learning experience and enjoyed the field and the space under the trees. The children collected natural objects to create their own number stories. They also used rulers to find longer and shorter objects and to measure plants in centimetres. 
In PE this week, the children have continued to build upon their throwing and catching skills to play a version of cricket. The children had a chance to both field and bat the ball. We used a tennis racket to make it a little easier!