Wk ending 18th May

This week has all been about Outdoor Learning in Mawgan Porth.
The children have experienced lessons outside that would usually be classroom based, giving them a different, more varied experience for their learning. 
They have been using sticks to practise their Maths fluency, including times tables and number bonds, working as a class, in teams and in pairs. Ask the children to show you how to do stick Maths!
Our Forest School learning has been creative and artistic this week with the children using natural dyes to make cloth with patterns from different plants. They pressed the plants onto the cloth to make prints of the leaves and hung them up to dry.
The children continued to explore the site, playing on the swing, climbing and searching for mini-beasts with magnifying glasses. They also enjoyed using the ropes and relaxing in the hammock. Forest School is fast becoming their absolute favourite afternoon of the week.
The highlight of our week has been our trip to Mawgan Porth Beach. The children have been looking forward to going off on the coach and spending the day in the sunshine and sand with all their friends.
We started with a short talk from the lifeguards, looking at the flags and what they mean and a game following flag directions which was active and exciting. Thanks to Jack for helping us out with that, for keeping an eye on us all and letting Corey sit on the Lifeguard quad!
We went on a beach treasure hunt, looking for natural beach treasure- shells, beach glass, driftwood and feathers. We also collected rubbish that should not be on the beach. The children found plastic bottles, packets, burnt cardboard and pieces of string. 
We took football goals and marked out a pitch to have 5 a side matches. The children enjoyed taking their turn in goal with the goalie gloves. Vinnie scored 4 goals today and was man of the match.
The class had a sandcastle competition and we had unicorns, caterpillars, castles with a drawbridge and the biggest, deepest pit they could make. It filled with water so they worked together to make a huge channel. Well done to David who worked at digging ALL DAY!
We all stopped for ice creams before we came back on the coach. 
We would like to say a huge thank you to the lifeguards, the staff at Betty's for their help and all the parents who came along to make our day extra special. 
We all had a fantastic trip.