In line with government guidance, from September we will be welcoming all registered pupils to our schools.

Wk ending 18th May

Congratulations to our dojo winners Archie Bennallick and Rhys Worrall.
During maths this week we have been working with fractions. We have tried to include reasoning and fluency in our daily lessons and explaining why fractions are / are not equivalent seems the most challenging tasks. 
We have been looking at diary writing this week through a King Midas' diary extract. We have had fun creating our own story maps for the diary and identifying the features of the text.
To finish the week we have discussed the royal wedding and the royal family tree.
Our outdoor learning this week was a walk around the school focusing on the plants around the school grounds. What kind of plants, features of the plants, purpose of their planing (ie shade, privacy, to look good) and whether they were deliberately planted or have self seeded. 
During Science this week we have planted bean seeds and are investigating germination.