Parent Open Afternoon has changed from Monday 1st July to Monday 8th July, this is due to Active Week

Wk ending 18.10.18

Congratulations to our Award Winners for their kindness and respect to their friends.

During our Active and Healthy Week we had Melissa Read, a paralympic triathlete, visit us and talk about what she does and how she completes the event. We found out lots of great information from her, she was really inspiring. 

We also learnt about how to stay healthy, not just by doing exercise and eating a balanced diet but also ensuring our brains have breaks and we have moments where we can be mindful. We completed different activities from tri-golf to skateboarding as well as investigating how much sugar is in certain foods. We were very surprised to find that yoghurt did actually have sugar in and that eating 1 chocolate bar meant you had already had too many teaspoons of sugar.

Some of our best bits from this week were the skateboarding, when we had never been on a skateboard before, the tri-golf when we tried to score points in our teams and the sugar smart where we found out how many teaspoons of sugar were in foods. 

Have a lovely, restful half term.

Look forward to hearing all about your weeks when we get back.