wk ending 16th March 2018

We have had another busy week. 
Some of the children are learning new sounds again so don't forget to ask which new one they have learnt each day. Some of them are getting tricky!
This week has been science week so we carried out an investigation to test how plants grow best. We have cress seeds growing in different conditions. One in the window in the sun with water. A second in the window with sun but no water. The third with water but in the fridge where it is cold. The final tray is in the cupboard in the dark with no water. The children estimated what they thought would happen. They wrote a sentence about what they have learnt so far about growing. We look forward to seeing what happens. 
In PE this week the children continued learning to throw and catch. The children were very successful today with less balls flying all over the hall!! We moved on to a bounce pass. 
In maths this week the children have been learning to make ten in different ways. Today the children used beans that were painted on one side and worked as a group to count how many red beans and how many white beans there were. They then recorded this as a number story. The children were very supportive of each others learning, pointing to numbers on the number line, helping each other to line the beans up to count accurately and remind each other of the symbols they need to use. The children also recorded number pairs to ten in their books and I was amazed at the standard of their work. It is extremely neat with numbers and symbols in each square. Well done Porth class!
We have also opened our new role play fruit and veg shop. I taught the children about money. We looked at the different coins and how many different ways they could pay for the 5p banana. The children were quick to learn there was no such thing as a 3p coin!!
We look forward to the grand opening tomorrow.