Wk ending 16th March

We have been busy on the computers this week. We have been learning to type our names in Word. This is the first time we have used word. We had to use the caps lock to make sure we had a capital letter. We enjoyed changing the size, colour and shape of the letters to make our names look colourful and individual. They all looked different. It was difficult to highlight the word to make our changes. We will be practising typing more next week.
We have been learning about keeping safe and about the dangers of strangers. The children have been discussing the ways in which we keep them safe at school and how parents keep them safe at home. They thought about how we have fire drills, lock the doors at night and hold their hands to cross the road. Some children discussed how they wear protective clothing to ride their bikes and skateboards. We wrote a list of do's and don't to ensure they did not get hurt. Our list included how not to get lost, who to go to if they needed help and safe adults that they can trust. The children made posters to help other children to keep safe each day.
Please read the file below, taken from the NHS website. It gives some good advice and helpful tips on how to keep children safe.