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Wk ending 15th June

Phonics, phonics, phonics!!!
This week has been all about the phonics screening check for Year 1. The children have had a variety of different tasks that have been structured to focus on a range of vocabulary and strategies for sounding out words. Some of these words may be real words that they have heard before but many of them will be made up words, or 'alien' words that do not have a meaning.
The children have been using treasure chests and paper coins to sort different types of words. They have worked together in pairs and groups to test each other on their phase 3 sounds. They have used flash cards to go through the common exception words and have played games of matching, sorting and finding the odd one out.
Position and Movement
In Maths we have been working on Position and Movement. We have learnt lots of new Mathematical Vocabulary including positional language like; on, under, in front of, between, over and above. We had to draw an image that had different features in positions.
We have also been looking at the positions on simple maps. We linked this to our topic on Duffy's Lucky Escape and drew her island with lots of different tropical features. We had to make a key to go with the map and write the co-ordinates of the items in brackets. We really enjoyed doing this and worked very hard to make our maps detailed and accurate.