In line with government guidance, from September we will be welcoming all registered pupils to our schools.

Wk ending 13th July

We have been revising our number bonds to 20. We worked in pairs to find as many different number pairs as we could. We found that there was a pattern. We used the numbers in order to check we had all the possible combinations. We used the same numbers in different calculations. We used the numbers in both addition and subtraction sums. 
See the presentation using bar models to show how the numbers bond calculations are linked.
We had an amazing time at our Sports Day this week. We all tried so very hard, we showed perseverance, good team spirit and determination to succeed. We all supported each other and cheered each other on. Our parents were really proud of us. We all had a certificate to take home with our stickers on.
We had an excellent session practising throwing skills with Beth on Wednesday. We used bean bags, tennis balls and foam javelins. We had to think about how our feet were placed and the position of our arms. We placed markers to record how far we could throw and then tried to beat the distance each time. Levan and Noah were our top throwers.
On Monday we had a visit from the Royal Cornwall Show van. Emma Parkyn came to visit us to talk to us all about where our food comes from. We learnt about the different types of grain that the farmers grow. We investigated and identified wheat, oats and barley. We used a grinding machine. 
The children learnt about different types of animals and the meats that they produce. We had the chance to dress up, complete puzzles and touch different types of seeds. We enjoyed pretending to be farmers. We watched a movie all about how farms work, the machines they use and how the land is prepared for seeds.
We had a quiz about what we had learnt. It was a great afternoon.