In line with government guidance, from September we will be welcoming all registered pupils to our schools.

wk ending 13.10.17


In Literacy this week, we have been studying newspaper reports. We used the text, ‘Curator foils plot.’ Next week, we will be writing our own. As part of this, we have been examining language features including: bias, direct and indirect speech, inverted commas, 5 Ws, parenthesis, and semi-colons. At the beginning of the week, we learnt about bias. This is where the report supports one side over the other e.g. the captors might be called the dastardly captors which makes up think that they are bad.



In Numeracy, we carried on with long division using chunking. We are much more confident with this but we will practice some more. We have also studied factors and multiples – where we have amazed Mr Bradley with how great we are at these!



This week, we made brochures on the computers. Here we make holiday brochures for either a country in the Americas or for Cornwall. In P.E. we have carried on with football with Mrs Gard taking a whole pitch match! Kye shouted, “It was really fun!” Hanna added, “We also dribbled the ball through different cones before trying to shoot against a goalie.” “The match ended one all.” confirmed Finlay. 


Written by Constantine class