In line with government guidance, from September we will be welcoming all registered pupils to our schools.

wk ending 12.1.18

Viking Topic

This term our topic is ‘Vikings’. This will include everything from where they came from, their reasons for invasion, weapons and tactics, everyday life and trading.

We will be having a Viking Day on Friday 26th January, where we will be doing some creative and practical activities. We will be dressing up for this, so start to get those costumes ready!

There is going to be a class visit to Falmouth Maritime Museum on Monday, 29th January to do workshops on Viking clothing, Viking trading and looking at artefacts linked to the Vikings traditions of seafaring.


Nigel Swift & Sarah Baggley


Homework & Spellings

Spellings are taught in school through the Read Write Inc. programme. The words that children need to know by the end of KS2 were sent home last term, so please practise these if you wish to. We are also learning these at school and call them jumping orange words. Ask the children about our jumping orange words and our dots and dashes activities!

Homework is given every Friday which includes a maths task and a literacy task. Both are linked to the work the children have been doing in class that week. We ask that homework books, with completed homework, are returned by Thursday the following week, in order that their work can be marked.


We will be continuing to practise our times tables daily. We are revising the 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and 10x tables, but will be introducing and working on the 6x table. Times tables are a fundamental skill necessary for all aspects of maths, so please support your child with this as much as possible.

Throughout this half term, we will be looking at the place value of numbers, recapping the value and position of different digits, and also working on developing our skill of continuing number sequences (to include negative numbers). We will also recap different methods for solving addition, subtraction and multiplication problems; using them in a range of problem solving situations.


This term we will continue to develop our reading comprehension skills, looking at a range of different texts, such as stories, non-fiction and poems. These will be linked to the topic of Vikings wherever possible. The children will continue to quiz on their independent reading books.

Please talk to your child and ask them questions about what is happening in these books, as this will aid their understanding and success in their quizzes.

 In writing, we will be looking at stories (based on How to Train your Dragon) and news reports (linked to dragon attacks). Within these units we will be focussing on:

  • Correct use of commas (whilst still ensuring we use capital letters and full stops correctly).

  • Use description in sentences in different ways.

  • Correct use of apostrophes for possession.

You can support your child's Literacy by helping them with their understanding of word classes. See if they can identify any verbs, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, propositions, determiners or adjectives in a piece of writing, or even in a spoken sentence.



We will be looking at the coding used behind a web page, learning how to add text, headings and images.


This half term we will be learning dance indoors om Monday mornings and

there will also be Forest School during Monday and Tuesday afternoons.


Please ensure your child has labelled black PE shorts and blue t-shirt for PE (no shoes needed for dance sessions). Also ensure that your child has the correct clothing for Forest School on the appropriate day.



We will be learning about Buddhism in line with the Cornwall Agreed Syllabus. The focus will be on festivals.


Art/ Design & Technology

We will be making models of Viking long ships and longhouses. We will also make medallions and cook some Viking oatcakes on our Viking day.



This half term we have set ourselves something new to learn and will be working in different ways to achieve this new goal. We will also be working on our cooperation skills, working with others on group activities.

Foreign languages

The children will be learning French and will be developing their skills of conversation and the geography of France and the UK. These skills will be enhanced in the unit ‘Where in the World’.


This is a summary of what we will be covering in the first half of the Spring Term. It may, however, be subject to change.

Please feel free to ask the class staff any questions you might have about the content of the curriculum or any other part of school life.