In line with government guidance, from September we will be welcoming all registered pupils to our schools.

Wk ending 11th November

Congratulations this week to Lacey Read and Stacey-Lee who are our Dojo certificate winners this week.The whole class have worked incredibly hard this week and have been really busy. Several members of the class have also now reached or exceeded 150 dojos and are delighted to be have been given their 'Homework Pass'. 
'The Perils of Pompeii' is our focus for Literacy this week. We have immersed the children in performing a play set in AD79 in Italy. They were all wowed to think that a whole town was buried under 9m of ash and lava which is over 3 times the height of our classroom.
We are coming towards the of our addition and subtraction block of work in maths. To finish the week we have been 'estimating' which the children have found really difficult to understand, they are wanting to work answers out though column addition and subtraction and getting the exact answer. They've obviously been listening and working hard for the rest the unit!
Forest schools has been really exciting as you can see from the photos. The group at school have been writing beautiful thank letters to Dick Twinney. Demi-Leigh, Imogen and Alexandra received headteacher awards for the incredible handwriting.
During the week we have introduced the phrase 'We are learning to' as a replacement of the learning objective each lesson. It would be great if you could ask your children what have you been learning to do today? Any answers you get, please feel free to share with us on Class Dojo.