Reception Graduation Wednesday 24th July 9am..............Year 6 Graduation Thursday 25th July 9 am.............Last Day of term Thursday 25th July 2 pm.

Wk ending 11.05.18

It has a been a really busy week in Tolcarne once again - despite only having 4 days in school we have managed to pack in a lot of learning. With the help of Mr Tilley on Tuesday and Wednesday, the class explored Volume, building 3D shapes and working out the width, length and height of each shape to arrive at the overall Volume. On Thursday things were back to normal and the class created some great silly sentences playing the Noun/Verb game. Including little gems like:
'The cheese jumped into the swimming pool.'
'The car ate a brownie.'
'The engine rushed to work.'
We ended the week with our Greek Topic Day - the class worked in groups to design and build their own Greek Temple and plasticine statues. After lunch they tasted a variety a Greek foods, including Tzatziki and Greek Olives. It was a busy week. 
Next week we are looking forward to our Science Topic Day where they will be designing their own animal and habitat and celebrating the Royal Wedding.
Have a good weekend.