Wk ending 10th November

This week the children have made huge progress in their confidence and understanding of segmenting and blending words on the magnetic whiteboards. They are listening carefully to the sounds in words and trying really hard to form the words.
Maths has been tricky this week, focusing on counting objects to 10 and beyond, including things that we can't move as we count them! 
Our animals topic is well under way with lots of animal crafts being made. We are going to have 'Watergate Zoo' in our classroom next week to engage in some imaginative role play surrounding our animal knowledge. If you have any photo's of zoo trips you have been on, feel free to send them in so we can display them - along with any of your pets that the children may like to discuss. 
We have started learning our Nativity songs this week, and children will soon be given their parts along with some words to learn. We would be very grateful if you could support in the learning of these lines.
Don't forget our next open event is 'Decorations afternoon' on Friday 1st December, where you can come in and make Christmas decorations alongside your child.