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Week ending 9th November 2018

This week in year 1, we have learning to make our writing more exciting for the reader. We have learnt about adjectives, similes and about using 'and' to join more than one idea together.
We had hot chocolate to help us focus on each of our 5 senses. We described what it looked like, tasted like, sounded like, felt like and smelt like.
As our topic is 'the seasons' we began to think about our senses and the weather differences in each season. We used images, videos and our own ideas to create exciting descriptive sentences:
 "In Autumn I can feel the golden crunchy leaves fall down to the damp ground" Daisy, Rosie and Grace 
"In Winter there is spiky ice and frosty trees" Lewis
"In Spring there are beautiful flowers and fresh green grass" Marley 
"In Summer the hot sun glows" Ky
In Maths, we have explored addition and subtraction using real life objects, arrays and maths stories. We have identified the value of different numbers and know that if we add values together, the whole become more. If we take away, then the value of the whole gets smaller.
Having learnt about the Gun powder plot and how it lead to having Bonfire night on the 5th November, we designed our own firework card with a specific target audience. We planned to give our cards to our parents. We used our plans to create the card and then evaluated them afterwards.
On Friday, we were delighted to take part in a music workshop whereby we learnt how to keep to a beat and how different instruments can be used. We created a band using an electric guitar, the piano, electric drums and we had some singers. 
Congratulations to Lucas and Stanley for your dojo certificates. You have both show positivity, wisdom and lots of effort with your learning .