Parent Open Afternoon has changed from Monday 1st July to Monday 8th July, this is due to Active Week

Week Ending 9th November 2018

Another week down and what a wet one it was. Not so much outside this week but lots done inside.
We have finished the penultimate week of the set 1 phonics - only 3 sounds to go! This week there have been a lot of 'special friends' (2 letters - 1 sound). We have learnt: 'th', 'z', 'ch' & 'qu'. These are the hardest to learn and to remember so we are trying to practice them repeatedly throughout the day whenever we have a 'quiet' minute!
In maths we have been looking at counting from numbers other than 1 - it's a remarkably hard thing to master. But everyone has worked really hard trying to do something different. We also looked at number lines with missing numbers - which was a good opportunity to start counting at a number other than 1. And also gave us some practice writing numbers.
Our focus number at the moment is 4 and next week we will practice writing number 4 in our maths book and drawing 4 things.
We have also started learning about some celebrations around light.
Monday was Bonfire Night and we talked a lot about the fireworks and especially the sounds we heard. We then practiced writing some of these words, good examples of onomatopoeia. The most popular were 'pop' and 'bang' but we also looked at 'whizz' and 'fizz', 'boom' and 'whoosh' - you get the idea.
We further explored this through movement in PE. They made pretty good fireworks, leaping & exploding around the hall. We put the actions to some music - Music for the Royal Fireworks by Handel. Using our new ribbons & tinsel pompoms it was a  magical sight.
Flick painting to represent the fireworks in the night sky was a very satisfying activity. When these were sprinkled with glitter as well - wow!
On Wednesday it was Diwali so we found out about the celebrations around this festival, the story behind it and how & why lights form a big part of these celebrations. We sat quietly studying & contemplating a candle flame on a dull & wet Wednesday afternoon whilst we thought about the divas shining in the dark. It was another moment of awe & wonder.
Then to finish the week we had a workshop with Rock Steady. Tom lead an amazing session which the children loved. They learnt all about the 4-beat and all joined in whilst some children formed a band! Developing good rhythm & timing in Watergate!