St Columb Major Academy is now open for Keyworker and vulnerable children

Week ending 9th March 2018

Thank you to everyone who made it to our World Book Day - Share a book session today. The children had great fun creating books for you to read- they really let their imaginations run wild!
In Literacy this week, we have been learning all about Amelia Earhart and using what we know to write a biography about her. We wrote about her early life, personality and key events/achievements, ensuring that we included lots of information to interest the reader. Thank you to everyone who completed the interview sheet, we will use this information to write biographies independently next week. 
In Maths we have been learning about bar graphs and how to show information in them in intervals of 1 and 2. We conducted a survey about pets in our class and used tally marks to record the data. We then interpreted the data in a bar graph and consolidated our understanding by writing questions for other people to answer. We had some great questions like 'What is the difference between cats and dogs?'and 'What's the sum of all the animals in the survey?'
In Science, we are learning about living things and their habitats. Our first lesson concentrated on classifying things as living, dead or never alive. There was some excellent discussion around how you know if something is dead or has never been alive. In ICT, we channelled our inner Picasso's and had a go at cubism. The children thought that Picasso's work was very funny but were fascinated when they thought carefully about what they were looking at and realised that the pictures were actually very clever!
In PSHE, we learnt about 'Stranger Danger'  focussing specifically on the difference between strangers and 'safe' strangers like the police and ambulance service. Again, the children discussed their ideas sensibly and listened well to the ideas of others. 
A note from Mrs Milsom
I am currently in the process of writing a mid year report for each of your children. 
This will give you an idea of the progress your child has made since last year and some targets for the final few terms in Year 2. There will be parent's meetings in the Summer term, where we will discuss your child's overall attainment and progress. 
Please find attached the assessment framework for the end of Year 2 which highlights what a child should be achieving by the end of KS1.