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Week ending 9th February 2018

In maths this week, the children were revising a half; what it is, how it can be written and how to find a half of a shape and value. The children started with the doubles and halves fluency,that they do daily, and then moved on to discuss and reason what a half actually means. "2 halves make a whole" said Flora. "The whole has two parts" explained Ben. "The two parts are equal" exclaimed Laura! We went on to split amounts of objects in half by making two equal parts.
In Literacy,we immersed ourselves further in to the Dinosaur topic, which the children have been so engaged and enthused by. The children created their own Dinosaur and then used adjectives to describe what their dinosaur looks like, how it moves, what it eats and  where it lives. From the sentences written, they then went back and found the adjectives that they had included in their writing and then picked a sentence that they could improve to make it a WOW! sentence. They shared lots of great adjectives which we have displayed in the classroom on the working wall to refer to for other writing.
Topic this week included learning about how to stay safe on devices that have access to the internet. We  explored how some programmes, games and websites are not meant for everyone so it is very important to keep ourselves safe online, like we would offline, by having permission from a grown up first.  We discussed different types of feelings and when something doesn't feel or look right then the best option is to speak up and talk to a grown up for help.
On Friday, Year 1 turned in to wild animals!! We had an animal day whereby the children and staff dressed as an animal for the day. We shared what animal we were and what we know about it. We were very fortunate to have a visit from Mark's Ark who further explored habitats across the world and brought it some unusual animals for us to see and hold. We had a barn owl, lizard, tarantula and a  snake! The children were incredibly curious, asking lots of super questions and being brave enough  touch and hold them.
During the day, Porthcothan designed fictitious animals which were then used as a plan to draw the animal on to a plain t-shirt using fabric pens- the t-shirts look fantastic and we can't wait to wear and show them off at our assembly with the parents of year 1 on the 22nd February.
The week ended on a huge high when we were awarded the attendance cup for the first time, as we had 100% attendance this week-yay!
Well done Porthcothan for all the effort, perseverance and enthusiasm this half term :)