Week Ending 9th February 2018

Who would believe half term already!
We've had another good week in Watergate - apart from all the coughs, sneezes & general under the weather-ness!
The children had a ball on Tuesday with the snow. Not a lot but, as you can see below, enough for a snowman - well, I'm told that's what it is! The children were very protective of it nonetheless and I think they're all wishing for more so they can build bigger and better.
We also had our class assembly to the rest of the school on Wednesday. It went very well and the children were all amazing - 3 dojos each worth of amazing! We are hoping to give parents & carers a viewing of what we did when you are all invited to come in on World Book Day after half term.
In PE we continued with our balancing and balances. The children did really well making sure they jumped and landed safely from the horses. And everyone tried everything several times. Good work!
We have been writing this week. We wrote all about making the gingerbread men that you saw in last week's blog. The children are mostly doing well blending their sounds for writing now. There were six pictures to sequence and we got some great sentences to accompany the photos.
In maths we have been looking at repeating patterns in all sorts of ways - colours, shapes, objects and even, as you can see in the video below, actions and sounds. Just in case you need a hand the pattern is - clap, jump, 'mmmmm'. We also looked at repeating patterns in numbers - whispering & loud for odds and evens for example.
So a well deserved rest next week all round! But if you want to carry on reading, practising sounds, using and recognising numbers, looking at patterns and other fun learning do drop a photo onto the dojo system of what you do. We'd love to see it when we're back on Monday 19th.
Have a good half term break.