St Columb Major Academy is now open for Keyworker and vulnerable children

Week ending 8th June 2018

We have had a jam packed first week back. We have filled our week with lots of exciting new learning in Literacy, Numeracy, Topic and PE. 
In Literacy, we have started looking at how to write really effective instructions and have linked this with our work on the seaside. We have been using co-ordination words to extend our sentences and have been focussing on accuracy in our spellings. Some of us are confusing the v, th and f sounds when we spell, so we have been looking at the shape our mouth makes when we say the sound,  to help us remember. See the video below for more information on this. 
In Maths, we spent the first few days learning about money and how to use the decimal point to show pounds and pence. We have applied our new knowledge through problem solving and reasoning activities. 
Our ICT work was great fun this week,as we revisited our learning on pointillism. We created magical castles by using lots of tiny dots. We looked at each others work and 'magpied' ideas to see how we could improve our own. 
We are learning about plastic pollution this week and created some rubber glove fish with plastic pieces in their stomachs. It was lots of fun  and we have thought of lots ways that we can remind people to help the planet. 
Accelerated Reader
Many of the class have now started on our Accelerated reader programme  this week. The children completed an online assessment quiz, which gives me their reading age and a level for the  books that they can choose from the library. Once your child has read their book, they take a comprehension quiz based on it. If they pass the quiz they are able to change their book. If they do not pass, we ask that they read it again and requiz on the book once they have done this. By doing this we hope that their reading comprehension and understanding will continue to improve. 
Parents Evening
Parents evening will be held on Monday 18th and Monday 25th June. You need to book an appointment on eschools. If you are unable to make an appointment or do not have an account. Please speak to the office, who will be able to sort it out for you.