Happy Summer Holiday - keep safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing children and families back to school on Thursday 5th September 2019

Week Ending 5th October 2018

Well guess what? Yes - another busy week in Watergate!
We have been cracking on with our sounds - this week we have learnt: 'o', 'c', 'k', 'u' and 'b' - that's 14 altogether!
We are building up quite a bank of sounds now and the children are beginning to blend the sounds into words.
Next week we will start to use our new resources of magnetic letters and boards to make words using the sounds we now know.
We have worked on numbers this week - counting and counting objects, matching amounts to he numeral and sequentially ordering numbers and amounts. The children have done well and are getting better at reading numbers. But all practice that you can do at home as well will support and enhance this learning.
We have also worked hard on the start of our Autumn project. Thank you so much for all the autumnal things you have helped bring in. We will be starting a display in the next few days of the work the children are doing for this and also the objects they have brought in. So if you do go out and find anything you think might add to this please do send it in.
PE was dance to some music - In the Hall of the Mountain King. The children listened well & did a good job. Next week - added ribbons!
Apologies that nothing was said last week but we have added a new dojo - 'Learning Superhero'. This is the start of an ongoing process where different aspects of learning (in the EYFS they are the Characteristics of Effective Learning) are promoted through a superhero.
The first is 'Have a Go Hero'. She says 'I will have a go'.
When the children demonstrate this characteristic, in this case having a go at something they may not have done before, they will be awarded the dojo.
Next week we will be concentrating on 'Keep It Up Captain'. He says 'I keep trying'. Dojos for those who we see keeping on trying!
Have a great weekend everyone.