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Week Ending 4th May 2018

A full week this week! Half way through the half term and I think we deserve a day off - everyone take next Monday 7th off!
This week we have started our new story 'The Little Red Hen'. The children have started learning it well and are already enjoying the actions they have come up with.
We did some descriptive writing about the characters from the story and the children did well.
We have been planting too. Mrs Retallick brought in some barley and corn which we planted and hope to see grow. When we visit her farm later we hope to see a whole field of it growing!
As Tuesday was May Day we got out the Maypole and attempted some dancing, threading the ribbons around the pole. It was really hard!
Maths has been shapes. We have been looking at the characteristics of 2D shapes and the children sorted them by the criteria given by me and then decided on their own criteria for sorting in small groups.
We have been practising using numbers when using the bikes, too. We have been parking in numbered bays and using ordinal numbers to move off in order.
We had another great coached PE session. This week Beth taught us how to catch a small ball. We practised the correct stance - knees bent, feet apart, hands cupped in front of our chests (and not open hands like a snapping crocodile!). We also practised the stance for throwing using a larger ball: underarm - feet apart, two hands on the ball, looking where you want it to go & then throwing there; and overarm - one foot slightly in front of the other, ball in one hand, the other arm outstretched & the hand where you want the ball to land - in our case this activity in a hoop.
We finished the session playing 'Stuck-in the-Mud' though with different criteria this time. Below they are running around and calling to the 'tagger' to get them stuck! A high five un-sticks them.
We have also been continuing to prepare for Summer. As well as planting there has been weeding in the mud kitchen. We have observed that some creatures are beginning to come out too. It was a snail but still!
Friday's assembly was a visit from the RNLI re: beach safety. A few of our children were chosen to help get the message across. Let's hope it sticks!
And finally! Below is the Curriculum letter for the Summer Term detailing our plans for the term ahead. Enjoy!