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Week ending 30th November 2018

Another great week at school. We started by lighting the candles on our Diva lamps. We turned the lights out to get the full effect. We re-caped the Rama and Sita story and how the lights guided the way home. We talked about light and dark and discussed light sources. The children listened with interest and asked some good questions. We introduced some very grown up vocabulary such as transparent, opaque, reflective etc. We also looked at some pictures to support our understanding of light and shadows. 
We made our own shadow puppets with paper and straws. The children practiced their scissor control with the understanding that the more precise the cutting the clearer the shadow animal would be. We then went to the hall where it was dark and shone the torch onto our puppets. We discussed how the paper was blocking the light and casting a shadow. We then punched holes into the paper and discussed what we thought might happen. As predicted, the light shone through the holes and created holes in the shadows too. 
The children have also enjoyed playing in our dark den this week with torches, light boxes and shiny objects. 
In Maths this week we have been measuring. We have learnt new vocabulary long, short, shorter, longer, longest and shortest. We ordered objects and discussed where to put them if they were the same length. We also measured our hand spans using paper and then measured this with cubes. We talked about how many cubes long each of our hand spans were. We then put them in order from longest to shortest. We also looked around the room for things that were taller or shorter than ourselves. We then lined children up in height order and discussed. 
We have been busy practicing our Christmas songs and look forward to getting on the stage next week too. Christmas will be in full swing next week with our Christmas decoration open afternoon with parents, our Christingle service, and a cheeky elf sent from Santa who will be visiting our class!!