Big Pedal has started - join in the fun by scooting, skating or walking to school. Let's keep fit and healthy. 25th March - 5th April . Superhero day on Friday 5th April to celebrate our successes. Parents Open Afternoon Thursday 4th April 1.30 -3 pm. Focus on St Columb in our community. Friday 5th April School closes for Easter Holiday at 2pm. No after school club on this day.

Week Ending 30th November 2018

Well - the end of a lazy week in Watergate. Not really - it's been busy!
We are learning our Christmas Nativity songs very well. Without the nervousness of an audience everybody's doing very well. Production practices start next week!
We've continued looking at light & dark, looking at shadows this week. We've been making shadows inside and looking for them outside, Though in the rain that's not been easy! But many children have a good understanding now of what creates them.
Whilst we were sharing some of the pictures sent in for the children to share with the class - & Watergate Bear, don't forget him! - the children pointed out the shadows in the photos. Mrs Hatton and I were very pleased that at least some of our teaching is sinking in!
In maths we have been measuring. We have compared the lengths of objects; ordered several objects by length from longest to shortest; compared ourselves to things that are taller or shorter than us; measured in non-standard uniform units (cubes and pens); and even introduced standard units of measurement the centimetre and metre.
In PE we continued throwing & catching a ball, only this time with an adult. They mostly did very well with generally good concentration & attention.
Finally, on Friday afternoon, there was a really heavy rain shower. But it did provide an amazing rainbow over Watergate - just as we are looking at light! Pictures below.