Reception Graduation Wednesday 24th July 9am..............Year 6 Graduation Thursday 25th July 9 am.............Last Day of term Thursday 25th July 2 pm.

Week ending 2nd November 2018

We have had another busy week in Porth class despite having some tired children due to the clock change and Halloween. The children enjoyed sharing their stories of their trick or treat adventures. 
This week we have started to learn our new class story - 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff.' We learn to tell the story using a story map with pictures and add actions to help us remember it. The children used super voices for the mean troll and for the little Billy Goat Gruff. The children have also enjoyed playing with our Billy Goats small world play and ordering the story using pictures. They thought about how stories are structured. 
In Maths this week the children have been learning about patterns. They used various resources to build a two colour repeating pattern and then record this in their books. We also challenged some of the children to make a three colour repeating pattern. The children have also started to record the 'number of the week' in their books. Each week the children get to know a new number in great detail. This week we thought about the number 3. We talk about how to write the number, how to make it using adding and taking away, one more and one less, and think about odd and even. The children have quickly learnt how to record into their new Maths books and use the squared paper.
In phonics this week we have learnt 4 more sounds - j, v, w and y. The children are making super progress with their letter formation and recordings in their books. All children are making words with magnetic letters and are working extremely hard with a super attitude to their learning.