EYFS new parents meeting today, 11th June, at 2:30pm and 5pm BNF Healthy Eating Week 10th June. We will be teaching children about importance of healthy eating. Year 1 (and 2 retakes) will be completing their phonics screening during the week of 10th June. Friday 14th June Non uniform day in exchange for any unwanted gifts.

Week ending 2nd November 2018

After a well deserved half term break, we have come back to school full of energy and a lot more layers as the Autumn weather has begun. In Literacy and Science this half term we will be learning about the seasons. We explored what we already know and focused on themed pictures and words to sort them in to the correct seasons. To improve our writing we have learnt about adjectives which describe the noun in a sentence; giving more detail. We have written descriptive sentences about the seasons aswell as fireworks.
For history, we have learnt about the Gun Powder plot which Guy Fawkes planned but failed in his mission to kill King James I and the government, in the house of commons. We ordered the plot, asked questions for Guy Fawkes and King James and discussed our own opinions of the plot.
We learnt that Guy Fawkes ordered for the failed attempt to be remembered by setting of fireworks on the 5th November every year. We watched big firework displays and described them before writing our own description.
We also became fireworks during PE as we used our bodies to explore different levels, speeds and movements.