In line with government guidance, from September we will be welcoming all registered pupils to our schools.

Week Ending 2nd March 2018

Well - that was the week that almost wasn't!
I hope you have all had a good couple of days making the most of the weather that was good enough to use. I've seen a couple of snowmen & snow angel pictures so far sent on dojo. Any that are sent in we'll look at over the week in class.
But, we did manage to get quite a lot done in those first few days!
We looked at Chinese New Year. We heard the story of how the years are named after animals and everybody wrote about 'their' animal. We made lucky money envelopes; tried writing 'Kung Hei Fat Choi' (which translates as Happy New Year) in Chinese characters; we started to make a dragon but will need to finish that when the snow gods allow; we used chopsticks - well, we tried, anyway!; and there was a LOT of colouring of the 12 different animals that make up the Chinese zodiac.
We also managed to get in weighing & balancing in maths. We realised that you can't tell how heavy something is just by looking (careful!) or even holding it - you have to weigh and often compare. Some examples are below.
And before the snow came and sent us all home we spent a few days looking at ice and examining the cold. Mrs Hatton did a sterling job outside even if her frozen fingers took about 100 pictures of the same piece of ice! I've only included a couple of them below, don't worry! But the patterns are amazing.
We even found that the sand had frozen solid - and we mean SOLID! The children spent ages hitting it with everything they could find to break it up. One bright spark said that the water in the sand tray had frozen & that's why it was like that.
See - everything nature throws at us we can turn into a learning opportunity!
Next week we will be looking at St Piran and celebrating St Piran's Day on Monday. We'll tell you all about that next week.