Week Ending 29th June 2018

Another week draws to a close as we head towards the end of term.
It's been a busy week of assessments. The children have been showing us how much they've learnt over the year in phonics for reading and writing and in all areas of maths. It was hard work but they worked hard.
We've also been looking at shapes & patterns in maths, especially more complex repeating patterns.
We had a PE session where we practiced for Sports Day which is next Friday afternoon (6th July). Interesting! We'll do more practice next week, especially target throwing & balancing things on our heads!
It has been hot all week as I'm sure you're aware. That didn't stop a group of girls making a 'hot tub' outside!
But also it shows the need for a sun hat and a water bottle/container. We have cups & water on tap (or should that be from the tap? anyway...) but they seem to prefer their own bottle.
Also sunscreen comes in 8 hour & even 24 hour lasting applications - something to think about as they don't always remember to re-apply.