In line with government guidance, from September we will be welcoming all registered pupils to our schools.

Week ending 29.09.2017

Firstly well done to Oliver and Alfie for their dojo certificates for Wisdom.
This week the children have been busy writing their own stories based on Supertato. We have had some fantastic variations, I'm very pleased with the results! 
In maths we have been adding and subtracting within 100, the children have been gaining confidence using the column method (if you'd like to know more please ask).
Everyone had an amazing swimming lesson, I was very impressed. 
In R.E with Mrs Rickard we have been learning about places to pray which led onto the children designing their own prayer mats which you can see some of below. 
We have also been making telescopes like Grace Darling would use looking out from her light house.
In science we have been testing our reflexes. To do this the children have been trying to catch a falling ruler and recording the number on the ruler that they caught it at. Ask your child which hand they had quicker reactions with to catch - for most is was their dominant writing hand which was quicker.
You may notice we also have some bread on our science wall and we now have some on our maths wall too. We have 3 bags: one contains the controlled bread which hasn't been handled (I used a plastic bag to pick it up) then we have our unwashed hands bread which has been handled by a child with unwashed hands plus water added to it and our final bread has been handled by a child with freshly washed hands, again with water added to it. We will be looking next week to see which bread grows the most mold (if any). 
Just a reminder please make sure everything is labelled as I have had a couple of cardigans and jumpers this week with no names which makes it hard to return them to their owner.