Happy Summer Holiday - keep safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing children and families back to school on Thursday 5th September 2019

Week ending 28th September 2018

The children have had another fantastic week and are now very well settled and used to the routines. The children are coming in independently and know where to put all their belongings. The children are quick to the carpet and ready for the register and the start of our day.
We are now in full flow of our phonics teaching and we begin at 9am every morning. The children learn a new sound every day, practice saying words with that sound, practice writing the letter and then build and read words. We have practiced with With CVC words (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) such as: dig, pin, dog, pat, cat etc. When our magnetic letters arrive the children will be making their own words on their own boards too. This week we have learnt the sounds t, i, n, p and g. Now the children have begun the process of learning to write, we are already beginning to see children writing in their free play and we have some examples up on our writing wall.
Thank you to all the parents who came to look around the classroom on Tuesday afternoon, it was lovely to see so many of you there. If you could not make it, please don't hesitate to arrange another time to look ta our wonderful new room, displays and the Dojo system. 
The children have been practicing their counting and number recognition in maths and learning to count accurately. We have discussed different techniques that can be used to count carefully. Outdoors we matched leaves and stones to the correct numeral.
Our mud kitchen is also finally up and running as the builders repaired the damage this week. The children have a fabulous time splashing and digging in the mud!
The children were able to change into their PE kits this week with only little bits of help here and there. They listened very carefully to instructions and even folded their own clothes. Once in the hall the children were able to work in small groups to balance and move along different size benches. Again, their listening skills were outstanding. I was very proud of them!
Next week we are beginning our Autumn topic so we will be grateful to receive any autumn leaves and treasures you might find to add to our display.