In line with government guidance our school is working towards a wider opening. Currently, we are open to key worker’s children, vulnerable children and invited year groups.

Week Ending 27th April 2018

The end of a very busy week though with some differences this time. I was away Thursday but everyone continued to work really hard in my absence. We were pleased how they reacted to a different teacher - Watergate are maturing well, though not in a cheese sense, obviously!
We have continued with the Hairy Maclary stories. We continued rhyming strings but also wrote some poems of our own using adjectives to describe the dogs in the original story. The children came up with some great vocabulary including describing one character as 'bigger than a massive cheese'! We seem to have had a cheesy week, don't we?!
We have also been writing a lot of sentences this week. This is something we will be doing even more of over the coming weeks. Now the children are doing so well with their phonics we are going to practice using that knowledge in writing using sounds to write words and remembering to use finger spaces between words, capital letters at the beginning and full stops at the end.
Some children made salt dough models of the different dogs. We're still waiting for these to dry out then they'll be decorated and come home.
To look after all the animals we have in school we opened a vets surgery. I'm not sure whether it's a new treatment pioneered by our vets or what but there were an AWFUL lot of bandages used - even for a tummy ache!
We have continued thinking about Spring despite the fact that Thursday was about the only good day of the week! 3D flowers were the order of the day for many children. And outside the children have been planting seeds & weeding down in the mud kitchen. Always the same - after a wet & cold Winter we can't wait for Spring then when it does come it brings more chores!
In maths we have been counting and using numbers. We ordered numbers 10 to 20 using numbered clothes pegged on a washing line. The children really enjoyed this activity. And we rolled dice to write down two random numbers to then add together and record in a number sentence. Sounds easy? Well - it was much harder than it sounds! But the children tried really hard. Mrs Hardwick was very impressed with how hard they tried.
And last but not least (I did say it was a very busy week!) we had our first coached PE session. It was great fun and, again, the children responded really well to something out of the ordinary. They had to practice the stances for and then throwing & catching and doing it whilst on the move. Multi tasking! (Video below) And we played a few good games of 'Stuck-in-the-Mud'. (Video below) We just need to practice trying to catch or release (depending on the assigned role) people other than our friends!
Thanks to all those of you who have sent in PE kits and suitable footwear for use outside. Can I please ask everyone to make sure that these are in school for every Wednesday - we will have a coach all this term & will mostly be going out on the grass. Thank you.
Next week we start our new Reception story 'The Little Red Hen'.