Week ending 27th April 2018

This week in Porthcothan we have learnt our new literacy text 'The Lighthouse Keepers lunch'. We have created actions to help us remember  the events and characters in the story. In the story there are some WOW! words. So far we have learnt 'dazzling', 'pesky' and 'perched'. In the story there are some pesky seagulls that pinch Mr. Grinling's lunch;   we made our own seagulls and flew them around the playground in the wind so they could swoop, swarm and be very pesky! We continued to look at seagulls and focused on using adjectives to describe their features and how they move.
In maths this week we have been developing our understanding of place value. Looking at 2-digit numbers we have been completing fluency, reasoning and word problem tasks whereby we have to use what we know to prove what we know, explain how we know and use what we know in different ways. We are trying to make our answers clear, using facts about numbers.
In topic this week, we began our geography topic which is about the continent Africa. We learnt where it is in relation to the United Kingdom, compared the size of it to other places around the world and learnt that it is made up of lots of different countries. We discussed what we know about Africa already and what we would like to find out. We traced the outline of the continent and coloured it to show the land and sea. 
During PE, we were learning to throw and catch a ball from different distances and how to aim a ball at different targets; high, low, wide, narrow. The class love PE and enjoy the opportunity to keep healthy and fit. In science we are learning about the parts of the body that are used for different things; waving, smiling, jumping, sitting down...
In PSHE, we  have been trying hard to show that we are listening to each other by looking at them and responding to what they are saying. We have also been focusing on using kind words and thinking about how we would like to be treated and how to treat others.