In line with government guidance, from September we will be welcoming all registered pupils to our schools.

Week ending 26th January 2018

In Literacy this week, we have been using the plans that we wrote, using our own ideas, to write a version of the non-fiction text 'What would you do with a tail like this?'. We have create our own booklets with a bold front cover and the information inside.Next week, we are going to use the structure of the text to write about a different topic.
The children have been showing excellent attitude to  their phonic learning and they are starting to confidently apply the sounds that they are learning in to their writing- it is fantastic hearing the fred talk, sharing their knowledge to help each other and their application of 'special friends'.
In maths this week we have been understand the meaning of + and -. We have explore that parts added together total a bigger whole and that when we subtract the whole becomes smaller; we have added and subtracted with cubes, pencils, people and then moved on to writing calculations. We have used dots to help us see the value of numbers to show when more is added or when we have to cross some out to show taking away.We ended the week with some word problems which we will continue at the start of next week before moving on to missing number calculations.
In topic this week we have created our own Dinosaurs using our hand prints; we had Floraosaurus,Harveyosaurus, Ivyosaurus and many more! We have also been organising what we know ready to present a class assembly to the whole school next week. 
We also learnt about different ways of keeping healthy; exercise,eating fruit and vegetables,drinking water and taking time to rest our brain by relaxing and keeping ourselves happy.We tried 5 fruits to ensure we had our five a-day intake. We had melon,blueberries,mango,pineapple and physalis;the children recorded whether they liked of disliked it and gave their opinion before deciding their favourite.
On Friday, Ben baked the class some chocolate cupcakes so we ended the week with a sweet treat to take home-thank you Ben!